Ukrainian Salvation

One of the many blog entries featured this short edit with Ash providing a great insight into how we were getting along on the way to Russia through Ukraine.


HMS Decadence

On the morning after the Oha Beach party in Romania, we built a raft much to the disapproval of the locals. In true Mongol Rally spirit, it was all captured lovingly on one of our very kindly donated JVC Adixxion prototypes. I made this little edit whilst being held up at a Ukrainian boarder control office.

BBC Horizons Vignette

During a placement at TwoFour Production in Plymouth, I was tasked with producing a vignette in preparation for the promotion and launch of the latest BBC Horizon’s series.

This involved cutting and sourcing the script from the transcription, sourcing the appropriate images, editing and compiling the finished product.

Software used: Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Encore, Adobe Audition.

Empire International Vignette

During a two week placement for empire Magazine, this was one of my assignments. This vignette was produced for Empire Magazine for promotional use in appealing to prospective shareholders as the publication is looking to expand overseas.

The soundtrack was pre-assigned and the brief was detailed to a point where we knew where to include crossovers and transitions.

Software used: Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop.