News Desk Numbers

A comprehensive list of phone numbers for the news desks of all the major newspaper publications in the UK.

Lets just say, for the sake of argument, that you – YOU discover extraterrestrial life in your garden. Perhaps you witness the very first octuple rainbow, or even luckier, you get to the be the one to finally murder Justin Beiber. You’re going to need, among other things like a camera or a lawyer, the numbers to all the major news desks in the UK. A good journalist will be able to see the blockbuster story in just about anything so it would be wise to have these numbers plugged into your phone, just on the off chance you wake up finding an MP collapsed in your wheely-bin.

The Daily Mirror – 020 7293 3000

The Daily Express – 020 8612 7000

The Guardian/ Observer – 020 3333 2000

The Independent – 020 7005 2000

The Times – 020 7782 5000

The Daily Mail (If you really must) – 020 7938 6000

The Telegraph – 020 7938 6000

Metro/ Evening Standard – 020 7938 6000

City A.M – 020 7015 1210

The Daily Record – 0144 309 3000

The Scotsman – 0131 620 8020

The Sun – 020 7782 4000

Press Association – 020 7963 7000


I Built A Website

One Man & His Dog Photography

I built a website the other day. I can’t even pretend that it was difficult. There are so many templates available and yet there are still hundreds of people who shun the idea of ‘internet stuff’ as too complicated, leaving it up to someone else. They pay too!

Here’s my first commission. Looks pretty good… for a template build…