Superhero TV Graduate Scheme (TV Pilot Proposal)

Working Title: Britain’s Next Top Photographer.

Harnessing the dying trends of singing competitions and jumping on  the band wagon hunting for more lateral creative talents, Britain’s Next Top Photographer would indulge the constant lust for creative success and the ensuing lifestyle that it appears to encompass.

Cultivating the success of Facebook, Instagram, and blogs like Tumblr and 500px, a research team could use these social media platforms and search for and engage directly with potential candidates, searching for those who would not normally have the opportunity to pursue a career in photography but who clearly have some talent. After an allotted time period and extensive searching, the prospective candidates would be invited to apply to be on the program directly.

The format would follow a similar style to existing talent shows like ‘The Exclusives,’ ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Project Runway.’ Contestants would be assigned competitive challenges that could be as mundane as photographing sculptures and cityscapes to models jumping out of aeroplanes in high fashion outfits or even trying their hand at wildlife photography.

Through a process of elimination, involving a panel of judges, the contestants would eventually whittle down to a more intensive competition resulting in more drama accompanied with increasingly challenging tasks.

The prize could involve a job as a staff photographer at a renowned institution, maybe with some money thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Prospective titles: Picture Perfect, Photofame, Flashing Lights, Flash Fame, Aperture Attrition, Shutter Speed, Talent Focus, Creative Focus, Depth of Fields, Viewfinders, Aperture Perfect, Fresh Perspectives.

This idea is a pitch that has been written in partial fulfilment for the requirements of application onto the Superhero TV Graduate Program. Let this be a record of the time and date of which the idea was conceived and that legal action will ensue should it come to the originator’s attention that this concept is being developed without permission.


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