Work Placement with Spider PR

I start tomorrow working for a PR company. One of their clients consist of, but is not solely restricted to, Tyrells’ Crisps. I have an idea to market their products even more effectively…

Currently working in a pub in Kingsbridge, Devon, I have noticed a great number of things. Among things like people in their 30’s are more likely to use cocaine than others, I have seen people actually enjoy folding crisp packets into interesting shapes. Almost like origami.

With a QR code on the packet, or simply a twitter page, consumers could create whatever ‘artwork’ they like out of the crisp packet and post a photo using their mobile device to the twitter page.

In my extensive experience at the pub, picking up used crisp packets, I am very aware that there are literally hundreds of ways that these packets can be folded into very study structural elements. This allows the potential that some of these shapes can tessellate and larger structures could be made. Since Tyrells’ has a brand identity that builds on traditional English sentiments, campaigns like building model versions of British landmarks could be implemented. Stuff like building a model London Bridge from crisp packets etc. The more impressive the structure, the more likely it is that the images could go viral, maximising product exposure via social networking.

Potential Taglines: ‘Treating Crisps like Art since…’ ‘Making Crisps as an Art,’

I would also propose to Tyrell’s Crisps marketing department, to enhance the consumer experience, that perhaps the crisp packet could be made out of more malleable material and that the inside foil layer could be a different colour or maintain some sort of pattern.

The clever part is that the consumers actually have to empty the packet first to participate.

There is definitely a market for creating a space where people can exhibit their crisp packet folded works, so Tyrells’ should be the first to capitalise on this, especially with the potential of tying into the eccentric British sense of creativity and art.

After studying Publishing and Media Law, I have learned that the best way to protect your ideas is to actually make them public. This blog post will note the time and date of my idea. This post is in essence, my version of being a badass like Eduardo Saverin shouting ‘Lawyer up asshole!” to Mark Zucherburg from The Facebook film, in the event that my idea actually turns into something monstrously massive and potentially make me millions. So here it is, with my tiny spec of legal knowledge, the Crisp Packet Artwork idea is copyright pending.

I’ll probably keep my idea tied down until my second day in the company. I don’t want to come across as being overly arrogant or ungrateful to have some work experience, but I have always sought to improve and build upon existing strategies and platforms.


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