Work Experience Blog 8

I’ve been reassigned again. I’m now stuck cropping photos to match the dimensions that the website has been designed with so that when all the photos are imported, the pixels don’t stretch or shrink accordingly. This was fun at first. A change of scene since I’d be using photoshop instead of word. Over a thousand photos later and its starting to loose its charm.

I’ve been able to pry a few questions, which has been helpful. Since Nick Martin has been whisked off to lots of meetings, Tory has been doing stuff that sound extremely complicated in terms of ad networking and marketing, I’ve been left to natter with Keri who has been more than happy to help me in my efforts of conducting a case study. She knows the business inside out and suggested the topic in the first place. I’ve been researching how the magazine conducts ethical journalistic practice without ‘burning bridges’ in the face of a reclusive and exclusive industry.

In short, you can’t. There are plenty of reasons why though. Its sort of similar to the ‘Journalism of Attachment’ concept in the sense that you can either report what you see and stay alive, or go deeper and risk getting shot. Of course in this industry it’s not quite so blunt, but still, the principals are the same, expect without the choice of life and death. Read the essay if you’re actually interested.


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