Work Experience Blog 7

Keri Fuller is from Zimbabwe. You can’t tell from her accent as went to university in Scotland after attending an English speaking school in Africa. She’s the digital editor. She is the one responsible for contacting me and getting me involved in the first and as far as I can tell, is the only person in the office who works with words.

I’d like to think that we get on really well, she’s a good laugh and I definitely feel welcomed. Her son pops in every now then – a proper rebel! He’s 12 and is a lot more mature than I’ll ever be.

Keri studied Publishing, I think it was at St. Andrews, although she might have said Edinburgh or Glasgow, they all sound the same.

Looking at Tony Harris – the CEO and publisher, who, to put it delicately, has a ‘healthy’ frame that suggests he eats well, and a good tan. Along with his accent that suggests he went to Eton and a demeanour that implies he might now own it allows me to speculate that he’s loaded. Note to self – get into publishing.


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