Work Experience Blog 6

My eyes are now probably permanently damaged. I never get to see daylight. I get up at half past six in the fair morn, go underground on the tubes, and then surface to Wimbledon where I scurry with the rest of the mob pretending to be in a rush. London is not healthy. It also costs bomb!

Pretty annoyed as we’re still paying tuition fees for this term and all we seem to be getting out of it is realistically just over £1000 for the marking of one essay. Pretty lame!

Ran into some guy whose name I can’t remember, all I know is that he’s at Falmouth Uni too. He used to live with Hattie Warren in her flat in the first year. We recognised each other, tried to have a conversation, but then remembered we’re in London so we’re not allowed to talk to anyone except Police.

Such is life as a student.


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