Work Experience Blog 5

I’ve been reassigned. Nick has pointed out that it is probably too difficult to source information on brokers since they all seem a little edgy. Their businesses are led solely by their reputations as their image and identity is all they have. They can’t afford some nubile intern sniffing around (my words not his) so he suggested I could be put to better use researching the shipyards that build these gargantuan vessels.

This is much more interesting. The information is actually accessible. It doesn’t require me to send polite emails asking when they were founded, the information is there, on the screen ready for me to tear up, eradicate empty adjectives, and disseminate into useful information. This much more journalistic. I feel like I know what I’m doing here.

Some websites and sources are easier to disseminate that others though. Just like the Brokers, shipyards are also proud establishments and have reputations to maintain. Some their information is hidden so that I had to trawl through local tax records to find out when some yards began production. Not all that easy. Interesting though, I hope I can say the same thing when I get lower down the list…


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