Work Experience Blog 4

Nick Martin is actually the ‘digital director’ a role that seems hugely diverse as he seems to be the most sought after man in the whole building, maybe even London. His phone never stops ringing and he seems to be the one who’s asked for help on anything and everything. Come to think of it, when I arrive and when I leave he’s still there. Sometimes when I arrive he’s still wearing similar/ the same clothes as he was the day before. I can only assume that he’s lying about his home in Guildford and actually he lives under the desk in a sleeping bag, using the new iPad 2 boxes as pillows.

I’ve been told off today, I had to be “reeled in.” I was allowed to use the email system to contact brokers in order to find out specific information. It turns out that some of the information I was asking for was highly sensitive like; ‘how many yachts did your brokerage sell last year?’ To be fair, for the smaller companies that might be a little embarrassing, but for the giants like Edmiston, Fraser, CNI and the like, I can’t image that sort of stuff to be a problem. It knocked me down a few pegs, clearly I have a long way to go.


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