Work Experience Blog 2

I’ve been tasked with compiling a directory for the new website, due to launch sometime in May. I’ve been given a list of the brokers that they have listed on their site and I’m dredging through literally hundreds of brokerage websites, each one of them saying the same thing, “Synonymous with excellence,” or “the history of yachting.” So much crap. It’s made me realise that actually, lots of businesses are like this. All brand and no action!

At the same time, it’s pretty interesting. I’ve identified the more successful superyacht brokers and I’d definitely be up for a career selling some of these beasts. Imagine the commission if you were responsible for selling a yacht with nine figures. Can’t be a bad way to make a living surely, not even having to build the yacht, just being the guy who sells it. That’s a clever, gatekeeper type role in the superyacht world. That’s where the money is. I’d quite like to wedge my foot in that door…


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