Work Experience Post 1

London is a surreal place. Coming from a tiny village in deepest darkest South Devon where there is a bus maybe once a week, you could understand if you needed to run for it, however on the underground tube trains, when there’s a train nearly every minute, there is surely no need to cram yourself into an already crammed carriage.

I also managed to get myself shunned and shouted at when my oyster card had run out of credit and a turnstile, I swear you if you drop to the floor and I doubt anyone would stop or even turn their heads.

Hearing an announcement that someone had jumped onto the tracks, I heard people next to me curse and grunt in frustration as reports of delays soon followed. Mental.

It was pot luck as I stumbled across the Auto Trader building in Wimbledon and arrived literally bang on time. I met Keri Fuller, the online editor for Boat International, at the reception and she led me around, giving a quick tour and some passing introductions to some people who I have since never seen again, nor can I remember their names.

I met Nick Martin, whose title I’m still not sure of, all I know is – he’s my boss, not THE boss, but the section chief for the online department. He’s a really nice guy, very friendly and accommodating, as was the rest of the team.

I think a quick overview is important at this point, the CEO is a guy called Tony Harris, a man who clearly enjoys a weekend abroad and has an attitude that says he likes other people to know about it. He’s the publisher. First lesson learned; the editor is not the most important person in a magazine. By far, the person who holds the most weight, control, and clearly has the last word is the Publisher. The staff quake a little, quite visibly when he talks to them, and then they tease him after he’s gone to reassure themselves that he is only human.

Next up is the editor. Amanda McCracken. I’m not sure if I’ve met her yet… The other staff seem to operate independently from Amanda. By other staff I mean around the 30 or 40 people I’ve clocked so far. These include a whole sales team, an events organising team, advertising, the editorial group, the digital department and the media production team (Superyachts Media).

Servanne Sohier, the editorial assistant, seems to be good friends with Keri Fuller. It seems that so far Amanda is working abroad or is on holiday, or pregnant? I’m not sure yet but the editorial assistant has had to step up and do her job as well as her own. I don’t think she’s too happy about it.

Victoria Hansen is the commercial director. She’s in the office with the rest of the online editorial department. In fact, the digital department so far only consists of Keri, Victoria, Nick, myself, and another guy called George. He edits the footage for Superyachts Media, a subsidiary company that produces films of these gargantuan yachts.

So far so good, I’m shattered though, trapsing though London is risky business for shire folk. Not sure how many of these blogs I’m going to jam up here.


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