Paul review again…

Whilst applying for work experience at Front, the application requires a short 200 word review of the latest film I’ve seen. I haven’t the pennies to go to the cinema so the most recent is still Paul. This is the edited and tweaked with ‘Front flair’ edition.

Before valentines day, we were supposed to pretend that we were bothered about roses and chocolates, making girls swoon and your mates throw up. In reality, Film 4 was running Pegg season making us laugh till it hurt.

Cinemas were booked out for the whole week. Frost and Pegg were apparently better than sex for seven days.  Nerds probably can’t tell the difference.

‘Paul’ is an offering to the sci-fi god himself, referencing parodies from his holy saga like the Pope from that book, even though lord Lucas was portrayed as an unimaginative 80’s man.

There is actually a sense of realism about it. It feels more like Pineapple Express than E.T (cheers again Seth). It’s one of the most believable plot lines of science fiction film because it toys with ideas we’ve already seen and converts it into obvious fact.

You have to relish in understanding what they’ve done, taking the michael out character stereotypes. In Hot Fuzz it was the ‘scarily close to truth’ reflection of country dwellers, in Shaun of the Dead it was a zombies chasing man trying to show he’s not a looser. A little long-winded, but the fact is that the Pegg and Frost combo have this time finally gone for the jugular… Americans.



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