Magazine Production, take 4

Francesca Geary set up The Outside blog. She said that she loves making blogs, and I’m afraid that I don’t share her enthusiasm. I’m not quite sure what the blog is for? I’m not sure that it’s been created to share the reflective practice blog entries for the magazine, however, I’m going to stick this in there anyway, and copy this on my own blog!

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about blogging for personal reasons anyway. Surely having a blog where people write down their personal feelings is a concept that encourages a sense of voyeurism? Salam Pax, the famous Bagdad Blogger, admitted that he is a self confessed ‘bloggaholic’ but what I don’t understand is why people infringe on their own ‘right to privacy’. It’s a basic human right that people forgo when they write a blog. I must also acknowledge a certain sense of intrigue right now. The questions in my head about who my audience is? Who will be reading this? Will what I write here ever get back to me (with in an underlying tinge that I hope it does)?

Musing about Web 2.0 is not what I’m supposed to be writing about. I’m supposed to be writing about the way the magazine is developing and how the group is working together.

I have to say that it is going rather well. The main problem is that I have internet at my house and therefore I have to rely on the college computers. I must also stress that to be able to afford to be at University, I work for Starbucks (for my sins) 3 days a week. So I’m working half the time, and working on my degree for the other. One day a week is for Hockey, but that is quite literally ‘neither here, nor there.’ – Exercise and team sports are important.

Without internet or the time to get to it, I find that I am often delayed on the uptake, however, I’m still doing alright so far. I have only missed one meeting, because of having to work, as in lame work, and I feel the input I have had has been positive.

I feel my role is a suggestion maker, thought provoker, and decisive decision maker. A subliminal leadership role, without any glory. This is a brilliant position to be in. Having a loud, deep voice, and being quite tall with an abnormal sized chest probably makes me quite imposing.

Tiffany is the editor, although I’m not sure what she edits, although it’s good to know that there is someone who has the responsibility to have things run by her. It’s good to know that things would be checked before getting set on, like a font chance, or colour pallet decision.

Francesca has been fantastic at keeping us all informed and organised with regular email updates. She would make a fantastic assistant editor I think, or at least a powerful secretary.

I think the rest of us are quite happy to just go with the flow. We have regular meetings, let each other know our progress and then get on with it. It’s a good place to badger those of us who are falling behind. I am definitely on top with things though. I have all the photos I need and I’ve done the articles, except for the news story.

This blog entry has been written just after our 3rd meeting. It’s getting pretty late in the production process and at this point we’re all supposed to have started on out InDesign projects. If I’m going to be completely honest, I have not started. What’s worse is that I have not even thought about starting! I have no idea how to use InDesign. We had a lecture on how to use it last week. It went straight over my like water over a duck’s back.
I’m not too worried though. How hard can it be? We still have plenty of time. The deadline is three weeks away. I’m sure I’ll find some time to work on it before then (he says, with an appropriate sense of apprehension)…


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