Magazine Production, take 2

I had literally no idea what to write about in the magazine until today. Even now, I think this article is weak and boring. It has nothing interesting, it merely shows tiny snippets in a journey from Falmouth to flushing, then, once in Flushing and realising that there’s not much there, asking the girlfriend if she fancied going to Helford Passage instead. That is basically what I wrote the article about. I admit, it’s probably quite crap. And yet…

The article is not that dissimilar to a blog… I am not one to embrace blogging, however, the article is only slightly worded differently from a personal account of what I was thinking at the time. You can even tell what mood I was in. With this in mind, perhaps those personal voyeurs out there might enjoy it? If anything, I was pretty pleased with the photos, although I couldn’t quite get my head around the camera. I normally use my Cannon AE1, a delightful piece of a equipment that allows the photographer full control over everything… and it’s not digital. I used a Nikon D5000. This camera is far too automated for my liking. There’s no control since the lens, aperture, shutter speed, and pretty much all the settings are too deeply locked in fathoms of digital menus. At the same time, it’s a beauty, and I can see that, perhaps with more practice, I might be able to do things with that camera that I might never have imaged whilst using my good old Cannon.

I stumbled across Helford Passage last year. It really is beautiful. The pub serves fantastic food, slightly over priced, but to be honest, it’s just an amazing location. It is perhaps one of my favourite locations in all of Cornwall.

When we arrived at Helford Passage this year, the lighting could not have been more perfect. It literally turned the water golden. The tides lay the estuary to rest like a millpond, you could almost have skated across it.

I’m just going to use this blog entry to post some piccies that wouldn’t be noticed. The magazine is not a place for me to exhibit any sense of photographic talent. Besides, the photos have come out too blurry… it’s not too bad, but if I were a photography student, they would not pass.

Little Green Boat

I’d quite like to compile a collection of photographs of small boats one day. I took a load when I was on holiday in Portugal. I might make a collection on this blog actually… good idea. I wonder, is a blog a space of streams of consciousness? Probably not when your tutor is supposed to be reading them. I doubt that happens to be honest. I should probably stop.

I’ve just worked out how to insert a gallery. Lesson learned. Hopefully this might be a way to store images for future reference. Hmmm, anyway. That’s about it to be fair.


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