Magazine Production Module, take 1.

I hate blogging! It has become apparent that I saved a collection of blogs as drafts ages ago. It is now around 30 hours to our deadline and it is only now that I have remember to go back and edit them! What a pain!

I’m sure Anne won’t mind. I can only hope that I will learn to embrace blogging as much as so many others seem to…

This was supposed to have been the first entry, months ago;

We are to embark on making a magazine! I already have ideas of having little extras, such as a deflated rugby ball with a map of Cornwall on it, stuck to the front page. I even thought about having a magazine that existed solely as a tent, with the articles, photos, and features all pasted over the inside and outside of the walls, so that it could be read passively. Magazine still have to be picked up, imagine a media concept that just fed you the media as you lay there. It would be great for reviews at festivals like Glastonbury, but probably not for a Cornish travel mag… I would like to copyright this idea by the way! If I find someone selling tent mags at Glastonbury next year making their fortune, I will be extremely angry if I’m not included on the project, or at least a fair old cut of the profits…

The group is so far… The Norwegian connection or the NCUK as I have dubbed them, which includes Mari and Christina, both of whom are extremely attractive girls and, as Andy has recently discovered, both taken. We also have Andy, who is a good lad, but I think he might have a rude awakening sooner or later that he has to work at some point. There is myself, who will probably also awake to whatever wakes Andy up. Tiffany Naylor who is somehow our editor, although I don’t think there will be much to edit. Sarah Stevenson, I’m not sure what she does, I think she’s the photography editor? There’s also Polly and Francesca, who, like myself and Andy, do not have any official roles, however, it’s safe to say that Polly and I have developed a sense of leadership… probably because we are the loudest.

We shall see how this project develops.

Good hunting bloggers! Hopefully you might find more interesting posts!


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