Iron Man 2

It’s not always fair to compare a sequel film to its predecessor but you just can’t help it. Especially when the two relate so much. This isn’t Batman Begins compared to Dark Knight. Dark Knight stands alone, as something quite simply amazing.

Iron Man is an old Marvel comic. Marvel films are huge, they have massive scope and brilliant imagination. The concept of juxtaposing something extra-ordinary in an ordinary world is not original, but the circumstances of how the characters achieve their greatness isn’t always too difficult to imagine. They are crazy, bitten by a mutant spider, go off the rails and trained by ninjas, or even super intelligence. Either or, however outlandish, you can’t help but wish quietly in your 12-year-old head, “That could have been me.” It’s because the heroes stumble across their ‘awakening’ moment accidentally and clumsily. It’s almost reassuring because you can come out of the cinema and you start thinking, with just a few more hours in the gym…

You come out of the cinema, often having witnessed super cool super hero beat super villains in a plot that seems super complicated, but you understand, because again, you’re not too different from the hero, and you dream for a super moment… that it could happen to you. It’s not too difficult to imagine yourself in their shoes as he gets bitten by that spider, or begins building a mechanical suit. You start racking your brains. You pick out basic facts in the science fiction that you feel you know about and then, you apply it to your 12-year-old thoughts and then you have your own awakening moment! You are deluded. You are in such awe of the characters because you know you’ll never get around to finding the time or money to build a super advanced robotic suit of armor.

Thats how we should feel coming out of the cinema. Iron Man 2 was no disappointment in that regard. Although, it was much less of an original experience.


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