Results day Review

“It could have been worse.” Disappointment was the favourite flavour apparently. The bitter taste was swallowed by everyone as they got their essays back. Everyone, except ‘that guy’ at the back of the room who always works so hard. He has no life. We don’t envy him anyway. – Sam Blithy

The seminar group got the results of their essays that were supposed to have been the product of their university education so far. When it’s put like that, frankly the results were hard to swallow. No-one choked on them, but there was an agreed murmur or silence that reflected a similar thought. Everyone could have done better. Disappointment tastes like that lump in your throat. It tastes like that waste of time and it compliments that other flavour of ‘could have done better.’

It can only be savoured to inspire harder work next time. The problem is that the taste is just so easily forgotten.

Essays are the bane of everyone’s life, surely? Although I have heard Anne say the words ‘pleasure’ and ‘essay’ in the same sentence before. In fact she actually said, “that’s the pleasure of essay writing,” when trying to explain the structure and process of essay writing. It didn’t work. Clearly, neither has an average of 16 years of education.

For extra helpings though, the class received their shorthand results. That tasted better, like cheap ice cream after eating something that had been really burnt. It took a while for the class to get itself organised as no-one really wanted their just desserts. What no-one wanted to admit was they all knew their results were horrible and so wanted to keep it to themselves, to stave that unsavoury pallet of scorns or ‘constructive critique.’ Eventually, like school kids queuing for a school dinner, pre-Jamie Oliver, the walked up to collect their pitiful marks one by one.

Something must be done. Things have to change. Lifestyle must be sacrificed because that bitter taste burnt some taste buds. Holding ones tongue in future seems like a good idea, less of the quirky anecdotes and more ‘getting one’s head down.’


3 thoughts on “Results day Review

  1. Yep, he got the only 1st in the class! Jealous much?! Not sure if it’s a constructive comment on the blog though, do you mind if i don’t put it in? Cheers though! Not sure who this is either?

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